Building Blocks

Start Your Child’s Learning Before School and Give The Visual Skills

They Need and the Future They Deserve!

Building Blocks Builds the Visual Skills Your Child Needs

Building Blocks is a simple vision therapy program that helps kids develop the visual skill sthey need to perform effectively in school/

There's no magic, just straight forward behavioural science!

Learning is about acquiring skills… getting the right visual skills is an essential part of development, so this program develops the right skills in the right order, giving your child the advantage they need to reach their potential in learning.

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Who is our Optometrist Darin Browne?

Darin has been a behavioural Optometrist for over 30 years, and has worked with children of all ages, as well as those diagnosed with conditions like ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, etc.

Over the years, via trial and error, Darin has developed what he believes is an effective battery of therapies, which if done correctly, can see your child learn and acquire the visual skills they need to reach their potential in learning.

In his alleged spare time, Darin is also the Senior Pastor of Ignite Church in Nambour, Queensland, and he is an international Christian rock singer and musician who has played all over the world, including Europe, the USA, Asia, India and the Pacific Islands. Darin and his wife Fiona run Lily House, a safe home for young mothers in distress, single and pregnant, coming off drugs or out of prison. For this work, and 25 years fostering troubled teenagers, Darin was awarded Queensland Father of the Year in 2018.

You can Start Now and use BUILDING BLOCKS to Give Your Child the Visual Skills that will Guarantee Academic Success and Keep Them Learning for a Lifetime!

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